This makes an examination of the mouth fun! Individually packed and also available with advertising print. German and European patent for the product and the manufacturing process! A clever mouth spatula with a lolly – sugar free. Paediatricians, ENT specialists and general doctors know this situation only too well: small patients don’t want to open their mouth for the spatula. With our Candy-Spat® every child is happy to open their mouth. And when the child says “aaah”, it is not just because the doctor says so, it is also because our Candy-Spat® tastes so delicious and sweetens the visit to the doctor. The lolly body of our wooden mouth spatula consists of Isomalt and natural fruit aroma, for example raspberry. The colour also comes from naturally colouring foodstuffs such as beetroot concentrate or blackcurrants – so there are no artificial colourings – and the aromatic materials are also natural, for example tangerines or raspberries, and sugar free.When the pressure end of the spatula comes into contact with the tongue, the taste elements are immediately released onto the surface of the tongue and are perceived overwhelmingly by young or teenage patients as being pleasant and beneficial. As a result, there is no more resistance to the subsequent examination. Sugar-free sweetening body – for a medically completely safe taste.

Benediktus Kräuterlabor